Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 9

Today's featured artist is Steve Burns, the best friend a blue dog ever had. Yeah, it's that Steve. Raising my kids introduced me to "Blue's Clues," probably the closest thing to a successor to Mr Rogers the world's seen. Even my non-breeding friends didn't mind watching "Blue's Clues" the morning after some questionable adventures.
The show lost something when Joe took over (and they tried to make Blue talk,) but it had to happen. Five years in, Steve (yes, his real name) didn't feel like going bald in front of the kids and moved on...

Apparently, he's an indie rocker at heart. Songs For Dustmites came out in 2003, with a little help from Steve Drozd of the Flaming Lips. This started a mutual admiration society: Burns showed up in the Flaming Lips' movie "Christmas on Mars", Drozd joined Burns' new band Steve Burns and the Struggle... The two Steves, as 'Steve-n-SteveN,' ever made a children's album together (Uni vs Octo) It's not the same magic, but if you're jonesin'...

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