Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27

I'm in a low mood, which may explain why I've gravitated toward observing Sylvia Plath's birthday today. (My lady, meanwhile, has been obsessed with the last days of Poe.)
It reminds me how misused the appelation 'emo' has become: the only time it's used is to ridicule any music that isn't... rockin' enough? When did All-American Rejects and Fall-Out Boy become emo? I thought Dashboard Confessional and anybody that sang Morrisey songs un-ironically was emo. I swear, anybody who uses the emo label in front of me is going to get a copy of Plath's "Daddy", and they will have to read it out loud, while I provide musical accompaniment on the accordion. Now that's emo.
But today is about one of the few vital poets of the 20th century that wasn't a lyricist. So here's a smooth performance by Ryan Adams on piano, of his song "Sylvia Plath":

UPDATE: to the anonymous commenter- thanks for the correction, brah. i put i in the wrong place, once again...

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