Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8

First, an announcement-

I'm 45 days in, toward my intended goal of 365 consecutive entries. However, this has become more intensive than I had ever intended. So, in an effort not to give up this blog altogether, I'm attempting a change in format.
Basically, it looks like I'll be featuring one personality a day. There's a whole lot of the rest of my life I have to catch up with.
Also, I'm looking for help. If you'd like to write an entry, drop me a line at

On to the blog...

Happy Birthday to Gregori Chad Petree, guitarist and guy vocals for Shiny Toy Guns. How did I miss this band in 2007? Did these guys steal the Killers' best stuff when they weren't looking? With every band I find that knows how to make dance music with guitars, I feel more hopeful for the future of humanity.
Anyway, Shiny Toy Guns are kinda new, but pretty mercenary. They've recently covered "Major Tom" and "Burning For You" for use in Lincoln automobile commericals. They're also doing a song for a Disney film next year, which has promptly put them on the Bowling For Soup/Smash Mouth express lane.
Here's a song from four years, two albums, and one female singer ago:

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