Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14

Happy Birthday and "ah ha" to Steve Coogan.
Milady and I finally got to see "Hamlet 2" last week; I had a sense, watching the trailer in the theater, that it would disappoint. It seemed like a movie that confused outrageousness with comedy, or at least, outrageous set pieces with outrageous concepts. It suffered from the same problem Steve Coogan did: trying to walk a tightrope between outrageous and sentimental, and never quite getting a true rhythm from the deal. So it's kind of funny, but not what it could have been.
I don't entirely blame Coogan, who seems to be trying to be an actor instead of a British comedian in a Hollywood film (think Russell Brand or Ricky Gervais.) His Tony Wilson in 24 Hour Party People shows that he can walk that line, and be really funny. And there's always hope for that Alan Partridge movie.
So, here's the funny part of "Hamlet 2", a film that gets less funny the more you explain it.

Yes. Much funnier than the "Raped in the Face" musical number. Best left unexplained.

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