Friday, October 16, 2009

October 17

Couldn't decide which one to feature today, so here's a twofer:

Aqua's Rene Dif is blowing out candles today. The band took a hiatus so that they could each pursue solo careers and Rene could get over the fact that the female lead singer decided to marry the keyboard player instead. But everybody's friends again, and they're making new music.
Here's the new single they put on the greatest hits album: "Back to the 80's"

Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, is also celebrating his birthday today. (No idea when Slim Shady's birthday is.) Yeah, he unretired this year, too. In fact, the sequel to his Relapse album, which dropped in March, is supposed to be out this November. Among the most interesting projects he was in this year was his comic book with the Punisher. (That's right: Eminem, Punisher, and a chainsaw...)
Unofficially, it's not his first appearance in a comic book. The creators of the graphic novel Wanted, which became the Angelina Jolie movie, modeled the hitman-in-training character after Eminem. (And Jolie's character was modeled after Halle Berry. Imagine that movie...)
Since I'm in a comic book mood, here's a track from the Encore album, 2004's "Mosh"

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