Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16

Today's birthday boy is Tony Carey, a one-hit wonder with a lot more to his resume. Music fans who know his name know him as the keyboardist for Rainbow at their peak, with Richie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio. He also spearheaded the Planet P Project in the 90's. With these two groups, plus his solo work and production credits, the guy's never really stopped making music.
What I know him the most for is "A Fine, Fine Day," a #1 rock hit from the 80's, and his personal one-hit wonder. This video did it for me, and about twenty years before the Sopranos, too...

If you found this column to check on your boy Tony, here's his 2009: his final Planet P Project album is done, and on sale at his website. He also played with Over the Rainbow, a band featuring former members (and descendents) of Rainbow, but had to bow out due to medical reasons.
On his plate for 2010: a new solo album. If there's more story songs like "Fine Day," I'm there...

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