Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31

Today's October 31; how's that for a birthday? I guess the good part is, people dress up for your birthday. But who's really thinking about presents, when everybody wants candy? And that's if you're actually into the ghosts and goblins thing.
We're here to celebrate birthdays for unsung heroes, so I'm giving a nod to Johnny Marr, who's been called the "Guitar Anti-Hero". That's because when other guitarists were slinging crotch-thrusting solos in the 80's, Marr developed a jungly, ethereal sound that influenced everybody from the Stone Roses to Radiohead, and every smart rock band that followed them.
He's one of the few guitarists with a sound I recognize from band to band: The Smiths, Modest Mouse, Electronic... Heck, there's one The The album I return to every couple of weeks for the last 15 years ("Dusk"); I can't even name another one.

Here's a few of his greatest hits:

and here's another band that he just joined. I'll probably pick up this album, too...


Apparently, I posted a Modest Mouse song from before Marr's tenure with the band. So, here's one from the "We Were Dead" album, with a video I've never seen but wish I had. I love these short films that marry well with the songs, even through they don't visualize the lyrics. Enjoy...

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