Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25

Today's birthday girl is Nika Futterman. She's a vocal artist by trade, which would keep you much busier than you might expect.
The first thing that comes to my mind is cartoons, and she's certainly done plenty of those: Clone Wars (Asajj Ventress), CatDog (Lola), Brave and Bold (Catwoman), and more...

She also does voiceovers for commercials, video games (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, etc...) She even writes her own music, apparently.
She's got her own website displaying the breadth of her vocal dexterity. But nowhere on her resume does it mention what may be her highest-profile vocal gig:

Yup, she has the opening line on the Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy". Those five words alone are worth a birthday nod here at the B-Blog. Send her a birthday greeting today... but you probably want to mention something besides the Offspring when you do; she's far too multi-faceted...

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