Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23

Here's the song "Happy Birthday," from the man who never quite gives you what you expect, birthday boy WEIRD AL YANKOVIC"

I can either overdo the superlatives and drop them altogether when talking about the legend that is Weird Al Yankovic, who's celebrating a half century today. I wanted to grow up to be like this man. In retrospect, I may have listened a little too much; oh, well...
But I love the guy too much to do a decent encapsulation of his work, so let's concentrate on 2009. He's fully in the digital age; several songs from his next album are already on iTunes (because today's pop songs don't have the shelf life they used to.) He also directed a short film, "Al's Brain", that debuted this summer at a couple of outdoor festivals. And he inexplicably made an appearance in Rob Zombie's Halloween II (dangit... now I have to see it...)
So here's Weird Al in 2009, doing a style parody of the White Stripes in... "CNR":

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  1. Thanks for giving Al a shout out on his 50th. He just gets better and better. BTW, he's on Jimmy Fallon on Oct. 28, and his Essential Weird Al compilation comes out next Tuesday. ~OE