Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 28

Still in a slightly melancholy mood while researching, when I found this video by "Les Cowboys Fringants" (that's The Dashing Cowboys, if you don't parlez-vous...) I place this Quebecquois band in the same vein as Devotchka and Gogol Bordello, infusing the music of their forefathers with the energies and issues of modern times. (Lead singer Karl Trembley was born today in 1976.) The music's clean and sweet- and if I had my French-English dictionary, I could say their lyrics are profound and humorous, as well (instead of taking someone else's word for it.)
I don't need subtitles to appreciate the video for "Entre deux taxis": the disintegration of a love affair between a bull-headed boy and a fishy-lipped woman...

This song's on their L'expedition album, which came out a year ago. They're touring on that and a follow-up right now; they expect the tour to end next August. Plenty of time to polish up my French...

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