Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6

First, let’s spotlight Tony Thaxton and Motion City Soundtrack. Tony's the current for the band, who’ve been something of a Warped Tour staple the last few years. All I've found out so far is that he likes Star Wars and Ben Folds. Their 2005 "Commit This to Memory" album was leaked the day after it was mixed, which has made the band gunshy about internet press. Their new album finally has a title("My Dinosaur Life"), but no release date yet.
I’m a sucker for animation, so here’s their video for “It Had to Be You”

Motion City Soundtrack - It Had To Be You
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The coolest birthday I share, according to my babymomma, is Eugene Hutz, mastermind of Gogol Bordello. Everybody needs to experience a bit of Gypsy punk, especially live. Guitars, accordions, harajuku girls – a Gogol Bordello show is like the circus come to town. No wonder Madonna keeps trying to steal his cool.
They’re touring North America next month. If you can’t wait – or can’t make it (like me) – their live CD just came out, too.
I was going to throw "Start Wearing Purple," but milady talked me into posting something even catchier:

Now here’s another somebody that’s definitely under-celebrated. Jane Curtin is one of the original cast-members of Saturday Night Live, and one of the best straight foils in television. She got the most screen time at the Weekend Update anchor desk, providing set up and reaction for the crazy characters and commentaries from the other cast members. The closest to a crazy character of hers I can remember is Mrs. Conehead.

After SNL, she played straight-laced Allie in “Kate and Allie,” and the human professor in “3rd Rock From the Sun,” two award-winning performances on two very successful sitcoms. So why isn’t she a bigger deal? Because she’s so great at playing the normal woman pushed too far.

Thanks for the laughs, Jane.

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