Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4

Happy Birthday to South Korean pop star MC Mong. Man, I’ve been waiting to talk about MC Mong. That name’s catchy – Mong. Surely I was being an ugly American, getting over-amused about “MC Mong”. “MC Mong” sounds silly to my American ears; surely he’s not that silly for reals, is he?

Apparently, he can. “Indian Boy” sounds like he’s picking up where Aqua and ToyBoxx left off, so…. He might be South Korean, but this is still so Japan...

Oh, and it’s Beyonce Knowles’ birthday! She was that girl in Destiny’s Child, that girl group that tried to cash in on En Vogue’s success. Yeah, the band broke up a while back, but she’s doing alright, I hear She got married, and stuff, so…
Seriously, I’ve been looking for an excuse to share her appearance on Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake and Paul Rudd. Problem is, the rights to the music make it too expensive for NBC to post on Hulu, while YouTube is still blocking any copies of the skit. This is what I could find, and the link could be gone next week, and they might just look like 8-bit Mario Foes dancing around to “Single Ladies”, but it’s still funny… right?

Today’s a good day to send birthday wishes to ex- Soundgarden bassist Kim Thayil. It’s also a good time to send your wishes for a Soundgarden reunion. Sure, they had a Cornell-less reunion show in March… but how hard can it be to get them all together now? Is Chris Cornell really that hard to get along with?
Here’s a Soundgarden song co-written by Thayil; “My Wave”

A raise of the glass to Martin Chambers, founding drummer of the Pretenders. For most, losing two of your three bandmates to drugs would mean the end of the band before it began. But he and Chrissie Hynes soldiered on, and the Pretenders became a seminal rock band.
Today’s a great reason to play one of my favorite rock songs, “Back on the Chain Gang.”

And the week just keeps getting better...

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