Saturday, September 19, 2009

september 19

Takanori Nishikawa, a.k.a. Takanori Makes Revolution, comes off like an anime character popped into the real world. In fact, anime’s very, very good to him. His tracks for Rurori Kenshin and Gundam SEED made him big in Japan, and the first Japanese act Sony’s pushing in North America. Here’s his original song for the Japanese soundtrack to Spiderman 2, “Web of Night.”

T.M. Revolution was married to the Yumi half of Puffy AmiYumi, but that didn’t last.

Lita Ford already has a place in rock history as lead guitarist of the Runaways, the 70’s all-girl, all-rock band. She became Queen of Metal in 1988 with her self-titled (but 4th) release, and her #1 hit, Kiss Me Deadly. After that, she married the lead singer of Nitro, cashed in her chips, and raised her family on a Caribbean island. Seriously.

Lol Crème is a creative guy. In the 70’s, he was in the band 10cc; if you still hear a 10cc song today, you’re probably shopping for groceries. Crème was not part of that half of 10cc. Crème (and I apologize for the accent that my word processor keeps adding) and Kevin Godley, who had been his bandmate for several bands now, had more art-y leanings and started their own project, Godley and Crème. Then the 80’s showed up, and they found their real niche: music videos. Their music videos became the bedrock of the MTV revolution:

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