Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2

MC Chris is not a nerdcore rapper. Even though he’s the voice of MC Pee Pants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Even though he raps about video games and girls that look like Emily Strange. Even though he’s celebrating his birthday this weekend at Dragon Con in Atlanta. Do not call him a “nerdcore rapper” or his entourage will kick your ass…
Here’s a fanvid of MC Chris’ Adult Swim alias, MC Pee Pants:

Guy LaLiberte’s also celebrating his birthday later this month – in space. Not only is he the founder of Cirque de Soleil, not only is he a world-ranked poker player, not only can he breathe fire – he’d paid the million or thirty to buy a round-trip ticket to the International Space Station.
Or maybe he just traded tickets.

Dan Southworth, ex-Power Ranger, is celebrating his birthday today. He was the “Quantum Ranger” in the “Time Force” season, which is somewhere between being a Red Ranger and a Black Ranger, apparently.

I’m pretty sure that, in time, the Power Rangers casts will be a repository for tomorrow’s action stars. “Kids Inc.” gave us Martika, Raphael Saadiq, and Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas. “MMC” gave us Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling. And it’s still early yet, but the Power Rangers have already introduced the world to Amy Jo Johnson and… I don’t know, a bunch of karate teachers, so far.
But in this month’s Teen Vogue, apparently one of those former Power Rangers convinced one of his karate students to try acting, and that kid grew up to be…

Taylor Launter…



That oughta pick up the web hits…

And for all the Power Ranger and Twilight fans who’ve wandered in, allow me to introduce you to some real ass-kicking, courtesy of movie director and birthday celebrant Prachya Pinkaew. From the director of Ong-Bak and The Protector, here’s “Chocolate”:

(46 fishes to you, Prachya!)

We end today’s column with a tribute to Billy Preston, the sixth Beatle. There’s been plenty of writing about candidates for “fifth Beatle”, and I’m sure I’ll get into it later this year as their birthdays come up. I’m going to nominate, right here and now, Billy Preston as Beatle number six, because he came along near the end of the road, and helped the band produce some of their greatest songs before they were done.
The year is 1969, and Preston’s in London, playing in Ray Charles’ band. Among those attending is George Harrison, who walked out of the “Let It Be” recording sessions, with half a mind not to return. Having a second thought, he brings Preston to the studio. Being polite and British at their core, the Beatles behaved themselves and started to enjoy making music together again. The Beatles would go on to finish the “Let It Be” album and record one more, “Abbey Road.”
There’s too many contributions of Billy’s that I’m grateful for: “Let it Be” and “The Long and Winding Road”; Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”; the Rolling Stones’ “Shine a Light” and “Wild Horses”… From Sam Cooke to the Red Hot Chili Peppers… Let me spotlight one of his solo numbers:

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