Friday, September 11, 2009

September 12

Turns out my fellow lab rats check out the blog, so let me send some recommendations their way.

Brian, today’s birthday girl for you is Petra Marklund, or as she’s known on dance floors around the world, September. I say, ‘around the world’, as opposed to ‘in the U.S.’ But she’s perfect for you; she looks like Jamie Pressley, sounds like Lady Gaga, and she’s from the Land Where Disco Never Died, Sweden.

We’re past due for another Swedish pop infusion…

Martee, you’re the Man. And I’m not just saying that because the last guy that upset you enough, you had words and he was never seen again… Nah, it’s because you’ve expanded my musical horizons.
So, let’s see if we can get some attention for Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. If you’re into country music these days, there’s no need for introductions. They’ve been on the country charts for the last four and a half years But here’s a chance to set things straight about “Stay,” the band’s first platinum single.

She didn’t write it about herself. Her story is, she was inspired by a Reba McEntire song, another song from the perspective of the cheated-on wife, and wondered what the point of view of ‘the other woman’ was...

CJ, it’s my turn to school you about a rapper, and I’ll try to avoid embarrassing myself by mangling urban grammer. Bizzy Bone’s 33 today, and back in the Bone Thugz fold, trying to get their reunion album, The worlds enemy, released. For now, they're touring, playing clubs and restaurant openings...

Did you know he was on America’s Most Wanted? As a child, he and his sisters were abducted by an ex-stepfather, and went missing for two years. In 1983, a TV-movie about the abduction of Adam Walsh was broadcast, followed by pictures of children abducted, including young Bizzy. A neighbor called the police, and Bizzy was reunited with his mother.
This month, Bizzy Bone and friends have released a mixtape (or two) You can get it at his website, BizzyBone.Us.

Val, your mixtapes prove how musically adventurous you are (not to mention, you actually read this blog; kudos!) Let me tune you in to Larry LaLonde, who is not just celebrating his birthday, but 20 years as the guitarist for Primus, which are still together – just taking things reeeeeelly easy. Having acknowledged your voluminous musical tastes, it’s not easy to pick a tune for your perusal. I mean, from modern country to Rasputina to the Gorillaz…
Wait! That’s it!

Finally, Heather, you’ve been open minded to everyone’s musical temperaments. But at heart, I know you’re a sentimentalist, and you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary this weekend, so let me offer to you one of the most romantic songs that birthday boy Ben Folds ever put to tape.

Makes you want to get married all over again, doesn’t it?

That’s my shout-out to my co-workers at the lab. Tomorrow: the age old battle between Disco and Metal continues...

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