Wednesday, September 23, 2009

september 26

So, Jack LaLanne is 95 today. And he can still kick my ass. The man that made bodybuilding an American obsession is still around today: lifting weights, towing boats with his teeth, and selling juicers that can kick my ass. For his birthday, he wants to swim twenty miles off the coast of California.
Me? I'm going to start with some face exercises...

Christina Milian has a birthday today, but I'm not even sure if she notices; she's too busy living the Dream. So far this month, she had a second wedding with Terius "the-Dream" Nash in Rome, announced her pregnancy, announced the second single and label change for her upcoming album (which also got its title changed to 'Elope,') saw the release of her latest starring role in the newest 'Bring It On' movie... The girl knows synergy.
This is why I don't usually peddle in gossip. I can't tell if Junior Beyonce here isn't using her personal life as a billboard for her latest projects. The word is, she's supposed to get married one more time, in the U.S. Who wants to bet it'll be within three weeks of the street date of her album or her duet with her new husband? Y'know, the hot musician/producer that's now running a record label?
Eh, what am I complaining about? She was cool on 'Smallville.' And I like this song:

Speaking of working couples, Sheri Moon Zombie just saw the release of a second movie with her husband this year. This one's a cartoon, which works out; apparently, she went to school to be a voice artist, before she followed the path that made her Mrs Rob Zombie.
Here's the trailer for "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto," the movie that proves that she's more than just a pretty, blood-spattered face:

Before today, the last I'd heard about Olivia Newton-John was that Dateline NBC episode where they tried to track down her ex-boyfriend that disappeared in the ocean a few years back to duck child support payments. But Olivia Newton-John's past all that now. She got re-married this year, twice: in an Incan spiritual ceremony in Peru, and then a (more?) traditional ceremony back in the US. Now she's touring again and selling herbal drinks with her new husband-
I think she just brought us full circle with everybody today. Cool...

Since the summer's behind us, here's a song from the Olivia Newton John that always comes to my mind:

Okay, time to say goodbye:

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