Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22

Today’s theme is discoveries, as in “I just discovered all these guys which have nothing in common, but I HAVE to talk about them.”

Like Bethany Dillon, who might be the nicest, most mellow artist I write about this week. I’ve embedded the video for her song “Dreamer,” featuring clips from the movie of same, simply because there’s clips of Lexington, Kentucky in there, which is my present home. My reasons may be superfluous, like watching sitcoms to see a high school classmate do his walk-on as “Airport Passenger Checking Watch…” But twice now, the Lexington link got me to check out some nice things; first, a decent family film about Snake Plissken and a little horse that could… and now, this song:

Next, happy birthday to Andy Cairns, mastermind of Therapy? a Northern Irish rock band that’s as big as an underground band can get after 20 years. I remember “Screamager” on the local alternative rock station, back when there was such a thing (1993.) They’re still making their style of psychological post-hardcore rock; here’s this year’s model, the title track from “Crooked Timber”

Now, Emilie Autumn is not my cup of tea, but I know she will be for too many of my friends. She’s an electric violinist with that dark cabaret vibe, bloody corsets and all. I guess my problem is that her songs seem to have this overwhelming “no boys allowed” vibe, which is problematic for a listener with a scrotum. So I may not be the best judge. However, my instincts tell me that all my Rasputina and Dresden Doll loving friends will dig her. They’ll just resent me on principle, later…
Anyway, Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets are touring North America this year, and a special edition of her album, “Opheliac,” should be at your local Hot Topic next month.

Finally, I’m returning to my 90’s indie rock vibe, which seems to be flourishing these days in Bulgaria. Ostava, led by birthday boy Svilen Noev, are keeping the rock alive in Eastern Europe: smart, stripped-down rock from a country that, apparently, hasn’t discovered Nickelback yet. Here’s hoping that this pristine environment can be preserved…

Happy Birthday, whenever it is…

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