Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9

Keely Smith was half of one of the most popular musical duos in '50s music. Her partnership with Louis Prima was part Martin and Lewis, part Lucy and Ricky, with her offering deadpan reactions to Prima's hyperactive goofball antics.

Their partnership didn't quite last a decade (apparently, his manic energy was more than an act) but her solo career was already in motion before the act broke up. In fact, her first hit single, the title track off the "I Wish You Love" album, remains one of her signature songs.

This song, by the way, was a favorite of a friend of mine; he wanted it for his funeral. I never got to attend, so I'm going to take a moment, pour a non-alcoholic drink, and listen to what he wanted to wish everyone with his final farewell. It's an odd tangent to present as i write the blog, but I think he'd want to extend this message to you, as well. That was the kind of guy I knew him to be, and the kind of guy I hope to grow up to be.
Back to Keely: She's got an album of Beatles covers that I just have to find someday. She's had two 'comebacks,' in the 80's and in '02, and she still tours, still sings. Keep an ear out for her.

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