Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25

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Today absolutely belongs to Richard O'Brien, mastermind of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It retains its title as the longest consecutively running theatrical release, a.k.a., longest running movie ever.
I used to haunt the monthly screenings at the Kentucky Theater (which are still going on, but where would I put the kids?) and I remember what the experience was like. The movie itself is about discovering that inner freak, that part of oneself that doesn't fit in and doesn't want to be told to 'behave' and conform. Sexuality is a big part of it, darkness is a big part of it (I think "Rocky Horror" is a more concise explanation of the modern Goth philosophy than any ten vampire flicks), and then, there's that irrestible music... It's the White Castle of movies; no one pretends it's good for you, and yet so many people swear by it.
I'm even a fan of the semi-sequel, so let that fact gauge what you will of my insights. But "Rocky Horror" is a seminal work to me, and well worth celebrating. So, get out of your chairs, and let's do this:

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