Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14

Here's a quick tribute to Doris Eaton Travis, centenarian. And she didn't make it past 100 by hiding in her house and eating wheat grass; she also happens to be the last living member of the Ziegfield girls, the original Broadway babes. After her time onstage and in early sound films, she taught dance with Arthur Murray, eventually spearheading the company's Midwest enterprise. When she retired from teaching, she opened a horse ranch in Oklahoma that she still manages to this day. In the 90's, she returned to show business, in retrospectives for the Ziegfield Follies - and an appearance in the Jim Carrey movie Man in the Moon.
Anyway, here's a tribute from a few years back, but the sentiment applies today. Happy Birthday, Doris; keep on dancin...

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