Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 31

Here's to the best voice your GPS could ever have. William Daniels has a long and esteemed career, both as an award-winning actor and in the service of his fellow thespians (as president of the Screen Actors Guild in 2000, he saw the SAG though its last strike.) But to my generation, he'll be the sound every talking car should make. A few years ago, it was supposed to happen, same time as the Knight Rider TV reboot. But the show got cancelled; apparently, so did the product.

Now, it looks like NavTones is going to soon deliver, if you aren't interested in having your TomTom talk like Mr T or Gary Busey (available at half-price!)
Of course, if we're talking about the next generation, he's not a bad-ass car; he's Principal Feeny:

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