Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16

I finally learned the name of the guy who sings one of my favorite songs: Jimmy Nail. Born James Bradford, he's got That Guy status in the UK, with an unforgettable face and smooth voice that has cast him in several BBC shows. He's most recognized in the UK for his cop show "Spender," and as one of the stars of "Auf Wiedersein, Pet". In the US, his highest profile role is probably his appearance in "Evita."

He's also had a bit of music chart success, as well, having been cast as singers and musicians here and there. That's how I first learned about this guy, from the movie "Still Crazy". He's one of the "B" stories of the film, the frustrated bassist Les, who always had to stay in the background while the others wrestled for the spotlight. Twenty years later, he almost doesn't join the reunion, with a family, construction job, and center of his own universe. But he does, and at the biggest show of their career, on the verge of splintering all over again, the band finally lets him take the mic with one of his own songs, "The Flame Still Burns." It becomes a healing moment for the band (in that over-the-top way that only movies can sell) and a decent rock ballad, to boot.
"The Flame Still Burns" was one of the film's Golden Globe Nominations in 1999. And if the YouTube clip I found is to believed, I'm not the only one that loves this song.

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