Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 3

She's gonna be mad.
I asked her to pick somebody for today, to try and get her interested in the blog. Couples are supposed to do things together, right? So I asked her to take a look, and she picked a certain movie director who's done rather well for himself, a director that I've actually had the pleasure of working for (for one day,) a director that has three franchises under his belt.
And that's exactly why I feel like I can't write about him today. I mean, Happy Birthday to George Miller, the director that gave Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, and ME their big break... sure, all the best. But the guy's doing pretty good for himself; I mean, he turned down the Justice League movie, because he'd rather finish Happy Feet 2 and move on to the next Mad Max movie.
Here's an interview with George Miller, offering some words of wisdom that he won while working in Hollywood:

But I feel obligated to feature somebody like Timo Tolkki, a guitarist who recently ended his tenure in the power metal band Stratovarius. He's included in Guitar World's 50 fastest guitarists. Here's a 2004 live performance that should demonstrate why:

Yup. She's gonna be mad.

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