Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4

Today's Fred Armisen Day, who's pretty much locked in his job on Saturday Night Live for the next three seasons when he became the official Barack Obama impersonater for the show. And that's why I picked him to talk about today, because I wonder what it means that there's a white guy that basically performs in blackface every week on national TV, and there aren't riots in the streets. Is it a step forward for America, or backward? Is Armisen's impersonation that good? Is Obama really black? Is anybody still watching SNL? Besides the Digital Shorts?
Seriously, this was a pretty good political skit that opened SNL a few Saturdays ago, although Jon Stewart would have made the same point in 20 seconds on the Daily Show.

Maybe the reason it hasn't raised any ire is because the joke about Obama is that he's always the straight man in the joke, the sane guy in the room that stands there and takes it as the universe keeps throwing pies in his face.

Anyway, while I was digging up stuff about Armisen, I found this video for the band Man Man. I was going to dig up a video of one of the bands he's drummed in, but I like this little film too much

You know what today's blog needs? PORCELAIN FOUNTAINS!!!

Now that's class...

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