Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28

Technology has chosen today's subject for me. I've taken a major step backward with my internet connection, so I'm posting what comes easy to my computer.
Fortunately, that happens to be Alex Chilton, a rock star's rock star that's been recording for almost 50 years. His first band, the Box Tops, hit #1 in 1966 with "The Letter"; he was 16 at the time. In the 70's, he was in the band Big Star, which only lasted four years but became a favorite of every third rock band in the 90's. Also, the Big Star song "In The Street" was adopted as the theme music to "That 70's Show".
Today, he balances appearances between the Box Tops on the 'legacy' circuit, a reincarnated Big Star at indie rock venues and festivals, and his own solo career.
That's the facts on Alex Chilton. Here's his cover of a Seeds tune:

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