Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15

I do dig all kinds of music (but I hate it when people say that.) I have some preferences: first and third wave ska, 50's and 60's soul, 90's-era alt-rockers... But man, I love me some power metal. I'm such a wuss I can't take more than five songs a sitting, but that's because any good power metal song is like two hours of Star Wars distilled into a 5-to-8 minute experience. I can't think of a more cinematic musical experience. Something about a twin guitar attack and a strong, soaring voice that brings out the Voltron in me...
I am so happy to wish Dave Mackintosh a Happy Birthday, because Dave Mackintosh is the drummer of DragonForce, and DragonForce is the reason I can say I'm a power metal fan with pride. Because I can wax nostalgic about Helloween and Gamma Ray; I can rave about Strativarius and Hammerfall; or I can challenge you on "Through the Fire and Flames" on Guitar Hero III, and you can play their sound for yourself.
The band just announced that 2010 will be all about writing and recording their next album, so here's something from this year's model:

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