Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 25

There's something about having a Christmas birthday that doesn't feel entirely fair. Sure, everybody's celebrating and you probably get the day off of work; on the other hand, you probably get used to people ignoring your birthday a lot sooner. I mean, how do you compare with the biggest birthday celebration ever? You could be born with the cure for cancer in your hands and little wings on your feet, and you'd still be competing with the Big Guy for attention.
Well, that's what the blog is for. But I'm still in busy mode, so it's one set of candles today, and that's for Shane McGowan, formerly of the Pogues. Alive a lot longer than anybody thought he'd be, he's got a set of new teeth and a just-completed tour with his old bandmates behind him. Good year for the man.
Let's sew things together with a video clip of McGowan's most famous musical composition, a Christmas song called "Fairytale of New York":

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