Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26

Some stories are irresistible. Regine Zylberberg was born in France in 1929, and hid in a convent during World War II. In the 50's, she was hired as hostess at the Whiskey-a-go-go in Paris, and suggested the innovation of replacing the jukebox with two turntables and a microphone (so the music would never stop.) Voila- the modern discotheque was born; the success at the Whiskey became 25 exclusive nightclubs on 3 continents.
She introduced the dance craze 'The Twist' to France (and the Duke of Windsor.) She established the foundation of disco and modern dance culture. So, happy birthday to a girl that knows how to throw a party.
Here's her at 50, singing one of her radio hits, a French version of the disco anthem "I Will Survive".

Even though she's entering her eighth decade, she's still the 'Queen of the Night": she released a duets album last March, and still manages Jimmy'z in Monaco, if you're looking for a legendary party.

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