Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 30

Today's a good day for a two-fer, so let's hear it for Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith of the Monkees. I enjoyed this show the second time around, which eradicates any semblance of cool I might have had.
First, props to Mike; he was writing and playing music before he joined the Monkees. He got to write and produce two songs per album, but that wasn't enough in the end. After the Monkees, he found plenty of success as a solo artist, a country-rock artist, songwriter, film producer - he's even credited with inventing the modern music video.
Here's Mike, front and center:

On to Davy Jones, a legend in the history of teen idols, and the other side of the Monkees equation. While Mike and Peter Tork were musicians who had to learn to act, Davy and Mickey Dolenz were former child stars cast to play the part of musicians.
(Davy had an inkling of what he was getting himself into; he was on Ed Sullivan's show the same night the Beatles debuted.) After the Monkees, he bounced between TV, stage, racing horses, breeding horses, and singing with his former bandmates.
This year, he starred in a stage production of Aladdin, and married his real-life co-star, who is, as of today, half his age. Also, 'hot' in that Latin way. Also, 'crazy,' allegedly, and not just in that Latin way.
Here's a fan-made montage of Davy doing what he does best:

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