Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9

Today's birthday girl is Jennifer Ayache, lead singer of France's answer to No Doubt, Superbus (I think that's more "superb-us" than "super-bus", from how they acquired their name out of a Latin dictionary.) How much like No Doubt? They like genre-jumping rock music that you can dance to - it's ska-pop one day, new wave the next - sung by a chanteuse that likes to doll up in that 40's bombshell style. If you've beaten Guitar Hero III, you've unlocked their song, "Radio Song" (which is not an REM cover.) There seems to be an embargo on the videos from their new album, which might mean they're going to try to make a push in the US (After all, No Doubt is back together...)
Until America can discover the latest and greatest of Superbus for themselves, here's a ska-poppy track from the band:

superbus - superstar

mystika | MySpace Video

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