Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25

The computer is the center of our home; as I try to write today's blog, I have two lightly pickled aspiring rock stars taking on Rock Band. Trouble is, it's hard to research today's stars if I can't, say, listen to their music videos or watch their movie clips without fear of recrimination from the She-tills.
And just like that, I found the perfect subject for today's blog: avant-garde choreographer Trisha Brown. The first female to receive the esteemed MacArthur Grant, her modus operandi is trying to eradicate the barriers between dance and daily life. For example, her 1971 setpiece Walking on The Wall actually had dancers in harnesses along the side of a wall.
As it so happens, I found footage of two routines featuring the choreographer herself, and neither routine is performed to music.

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