Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 29

Looks like I'm 100 posts in; not fired up enough to pursue my next lofty goal, but I'm getting the hang of this...

Here's someone I discovered today: stage darling and poetess Sarah Jones. She has the transformative powers of Jim Carrey and the quest for social resonance of Sidney Poitier. Even Meryl Streep has her back.
Here's a speech she delivered at the TED conference in early 2009:

I know, you're saying, "Yeah, but she's no Anne Deavere Smith!" Well, does Anne Deavere Smith have her own punk anthem?

Before she embraced the one-woman show format, she was a beat poet on the Nuyorican scene, even made it on Def Poetry Jam. She's the first person to sue the FCC on censorship. Kudos for that, too...

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