Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12

Okay, it might be bending the rules a bit to talk about Anne Hathaway; I mean, she's a certifiable celebrity: box office smashes, award-nominated performances, scandalous ex-boyfriend... But I can't miss an opportunity to show her Mary Poppins sketch on Saturday Night Live, from an episode that she hosted - and totally killed.

What turns this bit from a funny joke to a classic sketch is Anne's performance: she's a pitch perfect mimic of Julie Andrews (due to exposure, I'm sure,) and her timing - the head turns, the vocal delivery - is so spot on. That's when I thought, "man, whatever she's doing next, I'll give it a shot..."

No, I did not see Bride Wars...

I did, however, see her special appearance on the Oscars, where she killed, again. Imagine if she hadn't given up the lead in Knocked Up to Katherine Heigl.
So, since she's still clawing her way out of the kiddie film ghetto (Hello, Rio) through the rom-com slums (Hello, Valentine's Day), she's under-celebrated; you're worth a birthday cake, Annie. (And wish for another host spot on SNL; they really need you this year...)

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