Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 6

I tried, Sister, I tried. I mentioned about my blog, which has been a receptacle for my long-held fascination with birthdays and who shares them. She asked if I'd write about Danny Pintauro when her birthday arrived. Unfortunately, all I managed to uncover bummed me out. To save you the trouble of Googling him, the former sitcom child star grew up, left his past in his past, and isn't really at all like the character his old fans remember, from what I can tell.
So let me introduce you, sis, to somebody interesting with your birthday. Norman Reedus is an actor/filmmaker who's most recognized from the 90's cult film The Boondock Saints. Otherwise, he's got one of those faces that keeps him from getting lost in the shuffle, even if he hasn't had that Breakthrough Role yet.
He's not exactly waiting for it to show up, either. He's tapping into his inner Cassavettes. His production company in New York, Big Bald Head Productions, allows him to control things from the other side of the camera, such as this film short, called "The Rub":


The Rub | MySpace Video

Meanwhile, his most celebrated role remains as the younger, hot-headed McManus brother. So here's the first five minutes of the 2009 sequel:

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