Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4

Today's birthday boy is James Bond. Not the author of the spy book series, not any actor that's played him, not a fanboy - we're talking the original, born in 1900 (in America!), Mama-named-him "James Bond". And what would you expect a boy named James Bond to grow up to be?
A birdwatcher. In fact, he became a celebrated ornithologist, writing the definitive guide to birds of the Caribbean region. Birds of the West Indies was a welcome addition to any birdwatcher's library - including author Ian Fleming. One day, attempting to name his superspy character, he looked on his bookshelf and decided he liked the name "James Bond" - normal to the point of boring, yet still masculine. Fleming wrote the guy, got the o.k., and 20th century masculinity has never been the same.
So, in honor of a classy man who gave his name to a classy man, here's the James Bond theme - with words!

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