Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20

Now, here's an undercelebrated celebrity: Ken Page. A true old-school entertainer, this singing, dancing, acting machine is the original Old Deuteronomy in Cats. If you're younger, you'd probably hear his voice and think of Mr Oogie Boogie Man from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Or, if you're a true and old comic book geek, you might remember him as Joe 'Cheesecake' Tyson, sidekick to Jon Sable on his eponymous TV spin-off. Or you might not; I think the show had eight episodes or something. And Ken played the blind black best friend in a wheelchair; I mean, how much more marginalized could you make the guy? Give him a Scottish accent? Make him a gay midget? A talking cat?
Let's put the bus back on the road, and watch this tour de force performance:

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