Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2

Okay, so today gives us a chance to reminisce about Isaac Asimov. Now, how undercelebrated can Isaac Asimov be, considering that he's one of the Big Three of Science Fiction, that he wrote about 500 novels, conceived the Three Laws of Robotics, that he has an elementary school, an asteroid, a Martian crater, and a Star Trek character named after him... really, what's been missed?
True, but today's really about an undercelebrated animated film named Gandahar, or Light Years, when it came to the US. Based on the French novel, Light Years was a sci-fi fantasy that got a boost in its pedigree when Asimov handled the translation chores. So, here's part 1, to give you a taste; it looks like a lost episode of Heavy Metal, but it's still worth a look:

Besides, it's got more blue naked chicks than "Avatar..."

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