Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 11

I'll admit it; sometimes, I'm a slave to the audience. Maybe it's this deep-seated need for approval that drives me, but if I can write up about somebody that'll interest any of my audience - all 3 of you - then I'll do it.
And so, it's time for filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman to blow out the candles. He first tried to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter, but the script he was shopping around was rejected for being a "Saw" clone; when the "Saw" filmmakers found out, they approached him about reworking the script into a "Saw" sequel. Voila; "Saw II".
Bousman got the director's chair next, for "Saw III". And before he would accept a job on "Saw IV", he shepherded his dream project: a film adaptation of the underground stage play "Repo!: The Genetic Opera". (And that, friends, is why we're talking about him today.)
Currently, he's scheduled to helm remakes of Mother's Day and Scanners. Meanwhile, here's a scene from one of Milady's top 5 musicals...

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