Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9

Happy Birthday to Amy Stiller, a girl in the family business of making people laugh (Her parents are Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, and Ben's her baby brother.) Her highest-profile gigs have been on TV (including three different characters on 'The King of Queens') but she's appeared in movies with her family as well (my favorite character of hers is the film studies teacher in The Independent.)

Chasing the fame game feels even tougher when it's a family thing, but her response was co-writing and starring in the award-winning short, Amy Stiller's Breast (her aspiring actress character discovers there's an image of the Madonna on her left boob.)

Amy just got married a few years ago. Considering her upbringing, it makes sense that she would have to find someone funny, and someone comfortable with show business. So she married this guy:

No, she's not Mrs. Amy Tentacles. She married voice actor Roger Bumpass; she's Mrs. Bumpass now.

Oh, well... at least, she doesn't have to seduce Spanish furniture movers anymore...

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