Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11

Today, we're lighting candles for Amy Holland, 80's soundtrack siren.
Show business was a family business for Amy (mom was a country singer, dad sang in opera houses;) in 1980, she produced her debut album with her future husband Michael McDonald (yes, the Doobie.) She got her sole Top 40 appearance out of it. But her real big break was when two of her songs ended up on the Scarface soundtrack.

(This song found a second life on the Grand Theft Auto 3 soundtrack, and a third life as a Lil Wayne cover.)

She had one more solo album in 1983, but the rest of the decade was all about movie soundtracks, and not just any spot in the movie:

You see, you need just the right song over the credits, to help preserve that warm feeling inside as you walk out of the theater (totally ignoring the people who do the location coordination, set design, post-production work- but I digress...)
'Teen Wolf', 'St Elmo's Fire', 'Night of the Comet', 'K-9', 'The Lion of Africa': nothing put a button on a movie like an Amy Holland ballad...

[her duet w/ Chris Farren, "Learn to Love Again", kicks in around the 3:20 mark...]

Meanwhile, Amy enjoyed her time as Mrs McDonald, moving the family to Tennessee in the 90's. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, and survived a series of difficult treatments. She's even recorded a new album as Amy Holland-McDonald, 2008's The Journey to Miracle River, which has been well-received. No word on any soundtrack appearances, however.
That's my cue...

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