Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8

Happy Birthday to Chris Foreman, long-time guitarist of Madness and developer of the "Axecam", a mount for a portable camera (okay, a cellphone camera) on the guitar strap, so audiences can get a 'guitar's-eye-view' of the concert.

Good for short doses, but even the best guitarist has other things to think about in concert than cinematography. Still, great to see the nutty boys still at it.
Here's one of the first of the new ones, featuring guest vocalist/punk legend Ian Dury:

And here's something we can all sing-a-long to:

BTW, did you know that "Our House" became a jukebox musical (like Mamma Mia and American Idiot) featuring all Madness songs? It had a 10-month run on the West End, won the Olivier award for Best New Musical; don't know if there's any chance of that show crossing the pond - or anything Madness, for that matter. It's enough to drive a fan... well, y'know...

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