Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 13

Philippe Pettit describes himself as a funambulist, but he's mostly known as a daredevil tightrope walker. In fact, there's one particular walk that he did that put him in the history books. That walk was also the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary, where he came onstage and made one of my favorite Oscar acceptance moments ever.

But what did he do? Well, I'm going to let someone else tell that story...

These days, he teaches other people to walk tightropes, among other things. The documentary 'Man on Wire' is just one way that he continues to share the story of the 'greatest art crime of the century", whose story has become even more potent as a reminder of a time lost...


  1. i like who you wrote this on... but you didn't write very much... But that was the best acceptance speech ever.

  2. I know my words were slight; considering Jake Gyllenhall tells the story of the Towers walk, I didn't have too much else to add. He never tried to top the Towers walk after it was done; just became a teacher and motivational speaker, encouraging the inner artist in people.

    Man on Wire's a great documentary, if you're really interested in his story...