Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20

Quick, name the year:

That sea of feathered hair was brought to you by the 1985 benefit single "Give a Helping Hand", recorded by Swedish Metal Aid, a collective of Swedish hard rock artists. The song was written by Europe frontman Joey Tempest, who celebrates his birthday today.

His hair's calmed down since those days, but he's still rolling. When hair metal took a backseat to grunge, Europe went on hiatus and Joey got his Richard Marx on. In fact, he released three solo albums, which did well in his native Sweden:

In 2002, around the release of his third solo album, Tempest and the rest of Europe reunited:

Europe - Last Look At Eden

// EUROPE // | MySpace Music Videos

So far, they've released three albums and done several world tours. No sign of them slowing down yet.

No signs of any US dates this year, either, so here's the Europe that American fans know best:

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