Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9

Happy Birthday to Sean Altman, co-composer of one of the most relentless TV theme songs of all time. Altman co-founded the vocal group Rockapella alive, which tried to pick up where doo-wop groups like the Inkspots and the Persuasions left off. They got their big break in 1988 performing at a house party for Kathy Lee Gifford; she was so impressed, she invited them on Regis and Kathy Lee. Their performance impressed Spike Lee, and he invited them on a TV special about vocal groups; here's a clip:

He's the one that with the dreadlocked mullet (and when is that style ever coming back?)
All this TV exposure led to a recording career and critical accolades. But Rockapella were still shy of household names, until TV stepped in once again, and they were commissioned as the house band for a children's game show. They also wrote the show's theme:

Altman stayed with the group until 1997, then began concentrating on his solo career in earnest. Besides his solo albums, he performs with other ex-Rockapellans (as the GrooveBarbers) and comedy songs under the name JEWMONGOUS (songs like "Be My Little Shabbos Goy" and "A Little Off the Top".
Let's wrap this up with a goodbye song; the GrooveBarbers, singing "Goodnight Sweetheart" onstage. Sean's the one in the middle:

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