Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24

Happy Birthday to "Little Nell" Campbell, the girl with the tap shoes, the Betty Boop voice, and a BLT. She's an automatic guest on the blog, due to her ubiquitous turn as "Columbia" in the many iterations of the Rocky Horror (Picture) Show. But there's more to her than that...
"Rocky Horror" led to a recording contract for Little Nell; her biggest single, "Do The Swim", benefited from a notorious performance on the BBC (that BLT, again...) She also spent some time on Broadway in various productions.
But her biggest mark was Nell's, one of three New York nightclubs she ran in the 80's and 90's. Nell's picked up where Studio 54 left off; in fact, Notorious BIG filmed his "Big Poppa" video there. (It also happened to be Patrick Bateman's favorite nightclub.)
Around the age of 45, she became a mother, and got out of the nightclub business. She continued working in show business until a few years ago, and got out of New York altogether. She's retired and raising her daughter in her homeland of Australia.
But we'll always have the music (and the boop-oop-eedoop...)

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