Monday, May 3, 2010

May 4

Happy Birthday to Green Day's Mike Dirnt. Born Michael Pritchard, he got known in school for playing 'air bass', muttering 'dirnt, dirnt, dirnt' whenever he strummed - hence, the nickname.
Green Day is becoming that extremely rare punk band that manages to find success decades later, at the expense of their 'punk'ness. After all, isn't punk about being marginalized(Ramones, Fugazi) and/or self-destructive(Fear, Sex Pistols)? It certainly isn't doing arena shows or musical theater...
...and yet, the toast of Broadway is American Idiot, which is energizing a otherwise moribund box office season. Rock music on Broadway isn't new - The Who's Tommy, Hedwig, Rock of Ages... But are there enough Green Day/Glee fans willing to shell out Broadway ticket prices?
Here's the video for the cast recording/band mashup of "21 Guns":

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