Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10

I can see why We Are Scientists (featuring Chris Cain and Keith Murray) aren't bigger in the US; they've busy in the UK. In 2005, I became enamored with their "With Love and Squalor" album, and anticipated their conquering of the world; despite a bushel of videos directed by The Lonely Island:

-it didn't happen.

Their sound's a pefect fit with fans of Block Party and Arctic Monkeys, so they've been making their name across the pond, with six singles in England to their one in the US. They also finished filming the first season of "Steve Wants His Money," a comedy mini-show for MTV UK.
Right now, they're releasing singles for their next album, Barbara, that comes out in June. No sign of them making a big push in the US; guess they'll remain a Continental secret this year...

BTW, listen to the lyrics before you read them...

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