Monday, May 31, 2010

June 1

Big-name music acts don't come to my town that offer (especially the ones that don't wear cowboy hats.) Apparently, it's a big deal that Brandi Carlile is coming to town. She's a new name to me, but the last time this singer-songwriter came around, tickets to her show were gone as soon as the word got out.
Guess there's a lot of "Grey's Anatomy" fans in the area; four songs from her first two album have been used by the show. "The Story", her second album's title track, was used as a 3rd season recap, and became an iPod darling shortly thereafter.
She's got a new album this year, and her new tour's brought her back to my neck of the woods. (Two weeks, Grumpy, if you haven't got your tickets already!) Rick Rubin produced her latest, so I might give the album a try. Meanwhile, here's Brandi's biggest song so far...

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