Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22

This one's for Thomas Jane, converted geek. Right now, he's the guy you get when you can't get Aaron Eckhart: blond, talented, chinny, leading man potential. He stars in the HBO comedy series "Hung" (not about American Idol auditioneers) and is developing another series for the SyFy channel.
But in 2004, he was offered the part of The Punisher, opposite John Travolta. He'd turned down superhero roles before (including a part in X-men; Cyclops?) but got interested when he learned how much of an anti-hero the Punisher was. After the Punisher, he jumped feet first into genre films like Mutant Chronicles, Steven King's The Mist, The Devil's Commandos... He even did a makeup test/audition for the Jonah Hex movie. On top of that, this self-described 'fanboy' started making comic books himself, writing Bad Planet and co-writing another with 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles.
Here's an upcoming project of him that should add to his cult hero status; check out the NSFW trailer for Give 'em Hell Malone:

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