Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 10

I missed a day.

In almost six months, I finally ran out of time. Well, that was part of it. Also partly, it was so hard to find somebody to write about today. Something's up with the divining rod yesterday - or not. Anyway, before I get behind, let's get the 10th out of the way. How about we give a look at Nigel Olssen, most recognized for drumming for Elton John on and off through the years; he was the band drummer when I was digging Elton John on the radio, in his "I'm Still Standing" days.
Nigel also took his own shot at a solo career, peaking with a top 20 hit in the 70's, covering "Dancin' Shoes". Here's a listen:

I think it's the hair that throws me off. Maybe it's the quasi-mulletness of it, maybe it's the fact that it doesn't hide his height... I don't know.
Anyway, I'm sorry...

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